Sony Vision-S

We expected news of the PlayStation 5, some camera and audio tech reveals, but we didn’t expect this – a prototype car. The Sony Vision S seems to be intended to demo the company’s prowess in making automobile components rather than compete with Tesla, though.
The car features 33 sensors inside and out, including CMOS image sensors and 3D Time of Flight sensors, radar and ultra sonic sensors and even solid state LiDAR. Sony calls this “Oval sensing”. The electronics giant thought of many things while putting together this concept car. Ultra-wide panoramic touch screens are on display the entire length of the dashboard, “for driving information and entertainment.” There are five screens spanning across the front and each works independently from the others. The center council was also equipped with a touch screen.
The back seat also has two viewing screens that are attached to the back of the headrests. Sony also fitted the vehicle with high-end-sound equipment that you would expect that includes speakers in each headrest, which they said would give the passengers the ability to choose the sound in their speakers and watch several different things simultaneously. The Vision S would give the ability for driver assistance technology. Outside the vehicle, the image sensors would be able to analyze the road up ahead, along with image sensors attached to side view cameras that would take the place of traditional side-view mirrors. The company also included features like LIDAR and radar sensors.
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