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 Let’s Listen from a Professional…
 I am a professional cameraman and specialize in camera drones. I work with high-end drones every day and review them.
 Two weeks ago, a package with a drone was delivered to the office. It was completely different from the drones I normally deal with. I’m used to drones with large cameras, but this one was really small and easy to fly. The flight speed of the drone, its stability, and the excellent quality videos it produces left me speechless.
 The great thing is that it’s cheap. Personally, I think this could really be the first affordable high-quality drone!
 Here is my full review on this FANTASTIC DRONE!
 Professional Drone Pilot:
“The Best Drone for Beginners”
 We’re talking about the hottest drone at the moment: “Super DroneX Pro”.
 A brand new drone with an integrated HD camera, an optical flow sensor, and a revolutionary smart remote control included.
 “Super DroneX Pro” was designed so that it could be taken anywhere.
And all this without sacrificing any of the main drone characteristics. It’s solid, easy to control and can send HD photos and videos in streaming and record them on your smartphone!
How the DroneX Works and Its Features
To operate the DroneX Pro, you’ll power it on and then do a one-button touch in order to get it to take off. From there, you’ll use a two-joystick remote control to guide the craft.
The remote control has a special attachment into which you can slide your phone. You’ll use the DroneX Pro app to view the camera footage the drone is taking as it flies.
So, in one device you have the ability to steer your drone as well as monitor its camera. Promo videos for the drone indicate that it can perform 360-degree loops simply by pressing a button, which means you can do a horizontal loop, turning the drone upside down for a split-second before it returns to its right-side-up position.
There is a pair of buttons on the remote control that provides auto take-off and auto-landing.
As we mentioned earlier, the Drone X Pro has a built-in sensor that will override the controls in a situation in which the craft could collide with an object.
The craft’s website says it can fly “at a speed of up to 19 meters per second,” which equates to around 42.5 miles an hour.
The drone’s camera has a frame-per-second rate of 120. A frame rate of this speed allows you to turn your videos into slow-motion videos while maintaining quality. The DroneX Pro’s Pricing, Return Policy and Warranty
At the time of publishing, the DroneX Pro has the following price points:
One drone: $99
Two drones: $159
Three drones: $197
Four drones: $249
Five drones: $297
10 drones: $549
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